How can Business Enterprises leverage from Data Cleansing?

April 14, 2017

Data management is an important business process which is usually outsourced due to convenience and cost-effectiveness. Data entry is the most outsourced offshore data services since it is quite cumbersome and requires long time and effort for efficient completion. Whether the data entry services are a one-time or ongoing process, outsourcing is definitely a great way to manage data more efficiently. Data cleansing is another popularly outsourced job where data has to be accurate and complete for the business to use it efficiently. It basically involves some quality checks and tools that make sure that the data input is complete, non-redundant, accurate and reliable. All these aspects are important where the business will use this data for taking informed decisions. Any discrepancy in the data maintained by the business may fail the decisions and that’s the reason data cleansing is given much importance in business enterprises.

Data that can be relied upon

Data cleansing accomplishes the most important purpose of information – reliability. Data that is input by the data entry operator, whether own or outsourced is bound to have discrepancies. Incomplete information such as partial customer data or product data, redundant data such as two records of the same customer or vendor, a wrong entry such as an input of 500 instead of 50 can all create grave issues at a later stage. When the inputs are used for integration with various modules such as accounting, payroll, order processing, management reports etc, they may result in wrong information. Data cleansing is done by the BPO Company in the initial stages of data management to make sure that the input data is accurate, complete and relevant. Such data can be relied upon while taking management decisions.

Structured Information

Data cleansing also helps to store the information in a more structured way. It checks for any missing information and completes the same and removes obsolete and redundant information. Engaging an offshore outsourcing partner for data cleansing makes sure that all offshoring information are accurate and complete and stored in a structured manner. It also provides faster and easier access to the available information which is critical to real-time data processing.

Improve your Brand loyalty

Consistent information helps improve your brand loyalty. When you have your business information listed in various online repositories, they need to be consistent. Otherwise, the customer may get confused. Moreover, customers will not consider a brand that overlooks the basic information listed on public domains. Offshore data cleansing Services thus improves your brand loyalty. When you have consistent and correct information on various public domains, they can reach you accurately. Another issue commonly found is in the CRM data. When you have wrong or obsolete customer information, you will fail to reach them during interesting campaigns. Wrong email lists can get your emails in the spam folder which affects your brand identity over a period of time.

Data cleansing is a continuous process. When you have bulk information being input into the system on a daily basis, you have to make sure that such information is cleansed thoroughly before it enters your ERP or specialized application for information processing, especially the management information system.

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