At BPO Data Entry Help, we make use of data capture services to change the data to electronic format and helps in organizing and managing them effectively. Compared to other data capture companies, our proven experience in the data capture services has made us better at handling any complex task. Also being a document scanning company, we make use of advanced document scanning services in giving out better document capture solutions. The document scanning services are making use of techniques like linear imaging, optical character recognition, intelligent character recognition, short-range scanning, and RF tagging.

Our Data Capture Services

If you are choosing BPO Data entry Help as your outsourcing partner, we provide the following data capture services. These services make us top compared to other data capture companies. Some of our services are:

  • Form processing

  • Making use of OCR technology for data capture and to provide text searchable files.

  • Document Data capture of survey forms, research forms, health records, charts, questionnaire, graphs, and bills.

  • File conversion

  • Perform document scanning services on bank statements, credit card statements,etc.

  • Electronic publication

  • Digital data capture from various websites and obtaining details of competitors and consumers

  • Data extraction of description and photos from products and uploading the details on the eCommerce platform.

Workflow Steps

BPO Data Entry Help, being one of the best document scanning company and document capture company makes use of a dedicated workflow for its data capture services. The workflow steps are:

  • Using document scanning services to scan the documents and achieve document scanning solutions.

  • Manipulation of the data into electronic format.

  • Inspection and cleaning of data are done.

  • Perform document scanning and indexing services and then data storage to the computer is done.

  • Delivery to the client.

Benefits of choosing BPO Data Entry Help for data capture services

Being a document capture company, we provide you with many benefits when you outsource your digital data capture and document data capture services to us.

  • Provide better quality, secure and error-free output.

  • Provide excellent document capture solutions in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

  • Provide excellent document scanning solutions with the help of scanners.

  • Allow 24/7 customer support.

  • Provide cost-effective and quick services.

  • Making use of document scanning and indexing services for efficient data capture.

Stop worrying and join hands with us. You can experience the best services with unique solutions just a click away.

BPO Data Entry Help believes in securing the business data of our clients. Being ranked as one of the most reputed offshore-based BPO outsourcing company, we ensure to gather, organize, compile, categorize, analyze, sort, and digitize the data according to the needs of our valuable customers. We have the access to the best tools and software that would produce quality results within a desirable operational cost.

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