Get Ready to Watch Out the Top Trends in Document Imaging, Scanning, and Capture

February 23, 2017

In the past few years, document imaging has shifted and developed from a functional market to a greater level which can be utilized by every business, organization, and firms. No matter whatever new technology comes into effect, you should always remember that document imaging is not static, and it keeps on developing at every stage.

Document Imaging – It is a process which involves processes such as utilizing various equipment’s such as a scanner and any special camera to grab the image of a particular information which is stored in another format.

Now, let’s take a look at the top trends in document imaging, scanning, and capture:

  1. Affordable and bulk quantity – We all must have noticed that there is a tremendous fall in the prices of hardware and software. Earlier a scanner was available at $45,000 but today, it has gone down to $25000. This kind of increases in the rate of pressure exercised upon the document imaging specialists as the value of their offerings is getting lessened.
  2. More to capture – At present, the trend of multi-channel is gaining a huge popularity. They are increasing the percentage of documents which are being submitted to capture processes, which includes sources such as e-mail, mobile devices, etc. With the increase in electronic communications, capturing software is gaining a prominent role in the field of document imaging.
  3. Mobile is a reality – One of the studies reveal that the sector for mobile capture technology will grow to nearly $1.5B in 2015. Recently, we have known that the mobile capture technology is increasing at a rapid speed. We have witnessed a large bank investment of nearly $1M in the mobile capture software. You can see a mobile capturing increase in 2017.
  4. Real cloud – Cloud is becoming an added advantage for the firms that are looking to gain the merit of document imaging without requiring the need of investing in an online premise implementation. You can expect the document imaging to move to greater heights in the market.
  5. SharePoint – Today, SharePoint is widely used in the education sector and by the end of 2017, you can see the slow creeping movement of SharePoint into the business sector. But most of the users believe that SharePoint lacks certain search capabilities.

Change is the constant thing which exists in the technological market.

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