Everything you need to know before Outsourcing Data Entry

July 14, 2016
Data entry is an essential requirement when a company decides to go digital. There will be pages and pages of information to be input in a particular format that makes sense to the software. This data is important to the software to process and provide important analytics which will add value to the decisions the management can take and also aid the current functioning of the organization more efficiently. Real-time data will need to be input regularly and this needs data entry operators, sometimes with special skills, to accurately input the data in the required format. Online Data Entry is the solution for such a requirement and this is usually outsourced when there’s too much data to be input. Many companies and freelancers in India offer cheap data entry solutions online and offline which prompts the organizations from other countries to outsource this service to the skilled and cheap Indian agencies or freelancers. But sometimes, data accuracy can be compromised or even some crucial data can be compromised by the irresponsible agencies or freelancers which can prove to be very expensive to the company. So how to choose the right data entry company in India is what we explore here.

Skilled or Regular

Some data requires skilled data entry operators whereas some data can be input by anyone who knows English and has basic computer knowledge. The first point to check is what kind of data entry is required as all outsourcing agencies do not offer all types of data entry services. It is important to discuss your requirement first to your service provider to make sure your data entry requirements are met.

Intelligent or Formatted

Sometimes you may need to input the product description along with the measurement details and even upload the corresponding image with the details provided by the company. So if your company requires intelligent data entry, get the resources accordingly. If only formatting or plain entry is required, it will be easier to get.

Online or Offline

While most of the companies prefer online data entry, some companies prefer Offline Data Entry so that their software and network are not compromised. They provide an excel sheet or some other common format that allows data to be input column-wise so that it can be directly imported into their software. This is a cheaper and less expensive data entry service which is commonly used to input accounting and content data entry.

Cost of Service

Cost is definitely one of the most important factors since it is directly linked to your profitability. Different types of data entry will require different expertise and hence, will involve different costs. But the cheapest and the best service provider is definitely Data entry India.

Quality of Work

Do not compromise on the quality of work done for cost. You may have to get it re-done if it is of poor quality which will be a total waste of time and money invested. Make sure you choose your data entry service provider who provides you with accurate and quality data.

Ensure Data Security

The data entry service provider must also make sure that all your data is secure with them. You may get into a non-disclosure agreement to make it a legal binding.

Try and Take

Of all the points, this is the most crucial and efficient way to choose the right data entry company. Ask for a paid or free trial from multiple service providers before you finalize the best one from among them. This will give you a chance to make sure you are paying for quality work that is accurate and will be completed on time.

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