5 Ways to make your Data Conversion Successful

May 12, 2017

If data conversion is your business bottleneck, it needs to be addressed seriously as it can affect the quality of information in your database. As simple as it seems, data conversion is a challenging process which requires experience, expertise, and technology all used in an optimal proportion and in sync with the rest of the business processes. This is important because the converted data should serve the purpose of providing critical information to the management when they need it for making important decisions. That’s why many businesses consider firms that provide offshore data services for efficient data conversions. Even when outsourcing data conversion services, you need to consider these 5 key strategies for it to be successfully implemented in your firm.

Planning the conversion

As with all important processes, the business should plan data conversion strategies in detail and in advance. The types of conversion required, how to implement the same, time required for conversions and more have to be analyzed in detail and a well-sorted conversion plan should be drawn. This forms the basis for the entire data conversion projects for the organization. An experienced BPO Company will be able to help the organization with data conversion plans. Once the plan is in place, the resources to be allocated and the technologies to be used can also be finalized.

Synchronize with the Organization’s requirements

Data conversions must synchronize with the organization’s requirements to make it valuable. This is one of the most challenging parts of offshore outsourcing. If the organization uses a particular format, the conversions must conform to that format so that it gels with the organization’s requirements. If the organization’s software accepts specific formats only, the data must be available in those formats.

Quality Checking

Data, when converted into a digital format from the physical format, may require further processing to conform to the quality standards of the organization. If the manual conversion is done, it will be prone to omissions and commissions which need to be checked thoroughly before the organization can use it. Strict quality control measures must be undertaken to ensure data quality so that the information can be used by the organization for decision-making purposes.

Data Management

Once the information is converted into the desired format, it must be sorted and stored safely so that the data is available for the organization for various purposes. Sometimes, this converted information needs to be processed to make it more significant. When you Outsource data conversion services, make sure that data conversion and data management are done perfectly to store and retrieve the converted and processed information efficiently.

Data Security

The converted data must be stored in a secure way so that no information is leaked out or lost. During the conversion process, the quality, as well as essence of the information, must not be lost. The converted data also must be stored securely so that it is not leaked out to the competitors or other unauthorized people. The converted data must be backed up to make sure it is not lost due to any technical problems.

If these aspects of data conversion are undertaken efficiently, the organization and the outsourcing firm can both benefit from the process.

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