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We offer competent and reliable OCR conversion services:

OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition and we offer excellent and wide variety of OCR conversion services. We have a high quality OCR conversion services where we capture the data and analyze it in the best possible way. The OCR system has the ability to convert the scanned images into digital text files. The OCR conversion services used by us makes the sorting of data in an advanced manner so that the manual sorting of images and texts can be solved as they are quite tedious and hectic. It quickly feeds the data, organize it properly and then distinguish between the images and the text in an accurate manner with complete precision. It's able to distinguish between the characters and analyze it correctly. Then it changes the data to the ASCII codes. We are able to manage each and every type of data whether it is images, printed documents, files, symbols, etc. With our advanced and up to date OCR system, we are able to handle an ample amount of data.

Our staff carries the process effectively

While the conversion of data is performed, it is vital to identify the errors and detect any mistakes which our staff is much capable to perform. For quality output, our staff members used to check the conversion and even take preventive measures for valuable or sensitive data. The OCR cleanup has to be performed efficiently and we have required expertise or knowledge to do the same. Our Team would identify any suspected characters, format the errors and take quality control of the entire procedure. As the data have to be converted to several amount of text formats, our staff members will be vigilant throughout the process and perform OCR clean up without any errors.


We not only ensure you about the services but also showcase it in our work. Thus our clients are not only satisfied but they look forward to work with us each time. We offer custom made solutions and the best conversion services where we use latest and capable softwares which helps to convert the data easily. Moreover, the services for conversion provided by us not only helps to sort the data efficiently but saves a lot of time. In most of the cases PDF to OCR conversion is highly inaccurate. Thus, it is complicated as well as sure to consume time. However, with us you don’t have to worry about inaccuracy. We would use the system to convert it in the original format and the key elements are restored in the form of image, graphics, text etc.

For many forms and documents to image conversions, we use high quality OCR patterns that produce flawless output. For invoice, medical forms and many other sensitive data which requires a right accuracy level, we use standardized processes to give efficient results. We use batch OCR and Manual OCR for batch cleansing of the newspapers. We use Zonal OCR for document indexing to capture different relevant details like phone numbers, pin codes or social security number and more. For handwritten documents we assist in double key manual data entry techniques. As there can be various problems with image capturing which may result in loss of data or other errors, our formatting techniques to retain the original format is highly useful and beneficial. For understanding various languages, we have many sources and employ authentic methods that serve the purpose in the best possible way. We provide comprehensive solution that saves a lot of time and analyze our client requirements in a planned way. We take appropriate measures so the conversion project goes through smoothly where we strive to meet the satisfaction level of the client in an economical way.
So for any OCR Conversion Services, you can contact us and avail our services.

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