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Form processing has become a stressful and inefficient activity amidst a majority of the organizations. BPO Data Entry Help is an outstanding offshore service provider of form processing services, wherein, the solutions are designed and delivered at a cost-effective price.

Due to the increasing number of piled up forms, firms are adopting the measure of outsourcing the form processing services. Our team of professional employees ensures in successfully capturing the data from both the structured and non-structured forms, followed by authentic processing.


A majority of the business-related forms deals with the information pertaining to the clients, vendors, customers, or competitors. Thus, these forms play a vital role in the day-to-day operation of a business.

Our team extracts the information/data from multiple entry fields and key them securely into a digital format.

The outsource form processing services include:

  • Resume processing
  • Payroll processing
  • Application form processing
  • Shipping form processing
  • Warranty card insurance claim processing
  • Student and immigration form processing
  • Medical form processing
  • Legal form processing
  • Transportation and logistics form processing
  • Financial document processing
  • Tax form processing
  • Questionnaire form processing
  • Rebate form processing
  • Rental form processing
  • Purchase or sales order form processing

BPO Data Entry Help is rated as one of the top form processing service outsourcing company in India, aiding qualitative services to the globally-settled clientele.

We execute the streamline form processing service in both the manual and automated ways with a flawless output delivery of 99.99%. Our manual form processing is executed accurately with a high speed for entering the data. Whereas, our automatic form input system ensures in collecting and processing the data manually with greater efficiency.

Why Choose Form Processing Service Provided by BPO Data Entry Help?

  1. Affordable pricing strategy
  2. Flexible and customized form processing solutions
  3. High level of data security norms
  4. A pool of dedicated employees
  5. State-of-the-art infrastructure
  6. Team is well-experienced in dealing with all kinds of forms
  7. Consistent and quality output delivered in a short time frame
  8. The team possesses sound knowledge in high-speed scanning, ICR, OCR, and OMR
  9. Organizing everything into single database effortlessly
  10. Input forms can be in any format
  11. 24*7 support system, thus, consistently updating you with progress
  12. Eliminating the need for purchasing hardware or software
  13. Organized and efficient process flow; No errors

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About BDH

We at BPO Data Entry Help started out as a small firm of 20 people in 2012 from our location in Kochi. However, our passion for growth, meeting the client’s expectations and succeeding on the deliverable have made us a multi-functional and dedicated team.

BPO Data Entry Help has been committed to providing outsourcing solutions across a wide range of platforms and technologies at competitive prices, excellent customer support and quality of deliverable.



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