What is Data Cleansing Process?

September 28, 2021
The data cleansing process defines the steps that are included in identifying and rectifying the inaccurate, irrelevant, or unreliable information from a larger data set or database. Integrating the right data cleansing steps will enable your organization to replace, edit, or remove obsolete and incorrect data. Every business organization deals with a large volume of data every day. This leads to the necessity for a consistent data cleansing process. You need to keep your business data free from errors for better organizational functioning. Data cleansing process, also known as data scrubbing, is one of the crucial phases that contributes to the creation of a rich decision-making procedure. The data cleansing step consist of fixing the unformatted, corrupted, incomplete, or duplicate data that exists in your database or within your business system. Data cleansing service is significant as it helps in the successful analysis of the data that is being gathered from multiple sources. Data duplication is a common error that occurs while you deal with a bulk of data management or data merging. You can embrace the assistance of a data cleaning company to keep the data/information clean and well-organized. Remember, the presence of irrelevant or incorrect data will lead to a decline in achieving customer’s trust and loyalty. Most business firms often get muddled between data cleansing and data transformation. In reality, these two are absolutely different concepts. Outsourcing your data cleansing project to an established data cleaning company will guarantee the delivery of enriching data quality results. The occupancy of clean data leads to insightful and beneficial data analysis. Data cleansing service is identified as one of the foremost steps towards the implementation of data preparation. The data cleansing process isn’t all about removing the wrong information. On the contrary, it’s all about maximizing the data accuracy, including fixing spelling errors, correcting the empty codes, standardizing data sets, and so on. Integrating the right data cleansing tool will facilitate your business to execute the appropriate data analysis process. Have you heard about the concept – Master Data Cleansing? The master data cleansing process includes successful verification, validation, and tracking of the accurate data. Similar to the normal data cleansing service, the master data cleansing process will ease the requirement of rectifying erroneous business data. It boosts the concept of removing the wrong entries and maximizing the data quality. The master data cleansing solutions addresses the following areas: providing credible master data, merging the data from multiple sources into a single database, eradicating poor quality in data due to incomplete entries, and enhancing the data governance. Now, let’s discuss about the data cleansing process in a nutshell! Data Duplication – Data duplication is one of the significant errors that is noted in your database. Removing the irrelevant or inaccurate data duplications from your data set can be carried out during the data collection phase. Data duplication is one of the common error as you tend to collect the information from various sources. This stage includes the removal of such flaws in data, thereby, minimizing any sort of distractions. Data Structure Fixing – Structural errors generally occur when you transfer the data. These errors may be found in typos or capitalization. Such inconsistencies can cause mislabeled data categorization or class creations. One of the data cleansing examples over here includes placing N/A and ‘Not Applicable’ data under one category, as it denotes the same. But most of the time, people do it indifferently. Fixing such data structures involve data cleansing tools and knowledge.   Filtering Unwanted Data – At times, certain data doesn’t fit into a specific cell or concept. As you know, every business deals with a bulk of data, both vital and unimportant ones. The presence of crucial data can be highly beneficial, whereas, the existence of unimportant data can consume space and also cause hurdles. Hence, always ensure to remove or filter the unwanted data from your system or database. Managing Missing Data – It is impossible to ignore the missing data. The right data cleansing company will help you to find the missing data in multiple ways. Dropping in observations with the missing values is one of the foremost ways to find the missing data. The next option includes the inputting of missing values, depending on the other observations. Under the third way out, you can modify the way a data is used for effective navigation of null values. Data Validation – One of the last processes of data cleansing service is to validate or authenticate the data. Before you validate the data, you need to seek an answer for a few questions, such as:
  • Does your business data make any sense or create an impact?
  • Is it easy to spot the trends in the data set?
  • Does the data reveal any insight?
Always remember, the existence of incorrect or ‘bad’ data can lead to a poor decision making process, thereby, affecting your business productivity. Generating an inappropriate conclusion can bring the downfall of your organization, resulting in low-quality reporting. When we talk about data cleansing services, it is highly important to have a quick discussion on the various elements of data quality. These components include validity, completeness, accuracy, uniformity, and consistency. Next, comes a brief discussion on the benefits of implementing the data cleansing process. Integrating the presence of clean data can boost the overall productivity of your business organization. It will result in a better and appreciative decision-making process. A few other common benefits of data cleansing service include:
  1. Removing the errors from different sources of data
  2. Ensuring the presence of fewer errors for better customer/client satisfaction
  3. Mapping the different functions
  4. Tracking the errors and making the error fixing process easy
  5. Generating efficient business practice
Lack of effective data cleansing solutions can reduce the marketing efforts and also, bring down the sales. While your business works on a specific dataset, it is your top priority to ensure that the management is dealing with clean and pure data. Clean data possess more power when compared to poor or raw data. Data quality can determine the good and bad decisions for an organization. Often, it has been witnessed that manual data cleansing is subjected to more threats and risks. With the right data cleansing company, you can instantly eliminate such concerns and get a pure result. BPO Data Entry Help, one of the best BPO companies in the world, offers the top-notch data scrubbing services. The well-versed team at our outsourcing firm has the finest experience in handling various kinds of data cleansing projects affordably. With years of experience in this arena, we ensure to offer your business with clean data, providing a better insight. Hire us and integrate a regular data cleansing process into your mainstream business process. Taking the right data cleansing steps will enable your organization to move ahead with exceptional confidence. Our data cleansing services can be easily applicable to all kinds of business verticals. Understanding the data quality is one of the foremost and essential steps towards the creation of an effective decision. At the end of the day, it’s the clean and relevant data that matters. For further information about our data cleansing process and its benefits on your business, reach us out at [email protected]  

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