Top 10 Data Entry Services You Can Outsource

August 30, 2023
Top 10 Data Entry Services You Can Outsource Data Entry is the method of changing written data into digital format. And, it is a notable fact that Companies that provide Data Entry Services are increasing day after day. Data Entry Service is definitely the best option for companies that target to be the best among the competitors. So, If the Data Entry Service provider, that you choose is trustworthy they will help you to organise and convert data efficiently. Now let us have a glance at the data entry services that are available today  
  1. Rebate Data Entry

Rebate Data Entry specifies the process of collecting data from the rebate claim form and converting it into a format that the client prefers. Model number, purchase date and details of the buyer are some of the important data that reflect in the rebate form. But, If the handling of rebate data is inefficient it can lead to distrust among the customers. So, when your company is handling such important data make sure they are in the hands of the right persons.  
  1. Image Data Entry

This refers to capturing data that are present in images from various sources including Charts, Drawings, Photos, Documents, Sketches and Illustrations. The data will be captured by using the latest image capture technology so that the process will be complete within a short period.  
  1. Questionnaire Data Entry

Questionnaires are the key source to collect the views and opinions of clients or employees. When a company receives this type of crucial data, the top management can use this to create strategic decisions. Manual data entry is a time-consuming and laboursome task. But if you digitize data, you can gather business feedback in an easy manner. Some of the forms that include questionnaires are
  • Banking Forms
  • Tax Forms
  • Government Forms
  • Retail Forms
  1. Online Data Entry

This type of Data entry refers to the compilation of information from a wide variety of resources on the internet and converting it into a suitable format. Data entry, data extraction, web research and data mining are some of the major phases included in this process. Hence, during this process, crucial information that is collected from web sources is converted into a digital form and compiled to use on servers.  
  1. Medical Billing Data Entry

Medical data entry refers to the digitization of information related to patients from bills and converting it into a format that the customer prefers. Hospitals, clinics, medical health insurance companies and pharmaceutical enterprises are some of the domains that provide sources for these data. Today many companies outsource medical data entry services. But when you hire an outsourcing company, make sure they can handle the data with contemporary tools and skilled manpower.    
  1. Offline Data Entry

This kind of Data Entry refers to the collection of crucial information from various handwritten documents, company reports, bills, coupons, historical records etc and converting it into a format that the client desires. In other words, it means the conversion of data from hard copies into digital formats.  
  1. Legal Data Entry

This is an area that requires high confidentiality and knowledge of the legal field to work on it. Legal Service facilitators have a lot of data that are in papers, which are mostly not organised. Also, if they invest their valuable time in managing these documents it is definite that, it is going snatch their productive hours. So, the better option for such companies is to partner with an outsourcing company that can efficiently digitise these crucial data.  
  1. Numeric Data Entry

This type of data entry refers to collecting numeric data from a wide range of pools like images, audio, video files etc. Numeric data is something that should be considered and handled efficiently because otherwise, it will badly affect the business entity.
  1. Mortgage Data Entry

Mortgage Data Entry is a difficult and time-consuming task. And for this reason, many companies partner with outsourcing companies to digitize information and make their task easier. Thus when a company hires virtual assistants to deal with this task, they use the latest tools and technology to deliver mortgage services with great accuracy.  
  1. E-commerce Product Entry

E-Commerce is a sector that is growing very fast. But to show a consistent presence in this field the Company must keep its website up-to-date. And, as this process is cumbersome and time- consuming it is better to outsource E-Commerce data entry works. But, if the data entry service providers are trustworthy, they will manage the websites effectively by entering the necessary details on the E-commerce products. That too by infusing advanced technologies and software.     Factors to be considered before hiring an Outsourcing Company
  • Firstly, check the mode of communication and see whether they provide round-the-clock service
  • Secondly, ensure that the service they provide is valuable in terms of the cost you invest
  • Thirdly, enquire whether they are handling data with robust Technologies and Tools
  • Finally, ask whether they can promise security for your Data
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