Step by Step Process for Outsourcing E-Commerce Product Data Entry

January 16, 2021

Product data entry has accomplished a huge demand in the past few years. With the rise in eCommerce businesses, there has been a simultaneous growth of the product or eCommerce data entry services. As the internet has acquired a central position in our lives, the activity of shopping has gone digital. 

The eCommerce business firms have to deal with a majority of products every day. The product data entry service isn’t just limited to uploading or keying the products into the database. Well, it goes beyond that! The eCommerce product data entry includes keying of data, sorting, updating, maintenance, and removal of irrelevant entries. 

Most of the eCommerce businesses primarily focus on achieving customer satisfaction and optimizing sales. And in a hurry to manage these core functions, they tend to miss out on the focus on product data entry, catalog management, and so on. In such instances, hiring a product data entry service provider, especially from an offshore region such as India, can serve your firm. 

Here’s a dig into the step-by-step process for outsourcing the product data entry services! 

Consultation – The initial stage involves customer queries and free consultation. It is of utmost importance for the BPO companies to meet the expectations of their customers (eCommerce firms) and hence, the outsourcing companies should understand the client’s needs thoroughly. The initial evaluation will pave a general and streamlined way for the overall product data entry process.

Product Data Entry – The data entry service providers will execute detailed web research, gather the vital product details from sources such as electronic catalogs and also hard copies. They will ensure to add and modify the product descriptions with the insertion of keyword planning. To ease the stage of product segregation, adding the product elements such as size and color, can boost the performance. 

Product Indexing – The phase of product indexing will ensure to create a user-friendly and optimized shopping experience for your customers. Implementing the indexing strategy accurately will transform the product data entry process into a simple and effective one. The product indexing is carried out depending upon the preferences of our clients such as descriptions, brands, etc. 


Product Data Entry

Catalog Creation – The BPO outsourcing companies will create an accurate product item list, taking into account the various criteria put forth by the clients. It will enable a reliable streamlining and standardization of the product data across all the topmost business channels. 

Product Coding – The top-notch outsourcing companies are employed with the proficiency regarding techniques to aid the organization in managing the product inventory. We ensure to assign the SKU’s and other essential identification codes to the products. 

Product SEO – The successful data entry companies ensure to develop URLs for the various product pages and SEO-rich meta tags for all the products. It enhances the product data entry procedures and you can easily access a product without hassles. 

Product Image Tagging – It is of primary importance to optimize your product image for the eCommerce website. The product images need to be tagged for boosting the quality of product search and display of various features. These include unique naming, thumbnails, and so on. 

Ongoing Process – The outsourcing companies ensure constant maintenance, excellent support, consistent product updating (with descriptions, discount rates, etc.), and adding the latest items. 

Wrapping Up

Product data entry services are largely prone to errors such as redundancy, irrelevancy, and so on if handled by unprofessional. And if the data entered is inaccurate, it can severely affect various other processes including web data entry or web research

Outsourcing the product data entry services is an affordable decision and can benefit your eCommerce business in multiple ways. BPO Data Entry Help is the top-notch leading product data entry company, having the efficiency and ability to change the landscape of the online retail sector. For further queries, send us your project needs to [email protected] 

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