Outsource to our bulk data processing service to get accurate and cleaned business data

July 16, 2018

Bulk data entry can be quite cumbersome! Data entry, as such, is a monotonous and resource-intensive task. Businesses find it very challenging to accomplish bulk data entry on a regular basis. It takes up a lot of productive time of employees, if there’s no separate team in-house. An in-house team will turn out to be a costly affair as it involves infrastructure, recruitment and software investments and regular overheads. Businesses, hence, prefer to outsource Bulk data processing services to competent and accomplished outsourcing partners like us.


One of the major advantages of outsourcing bulk data processing service to us is to get accurate and clean business data. This is made possible because the outsourcing firms invest heavily on the right technologies and resources who meticulously follow the quality standards set to ensure quality data. Here are the steps followed by outsourcing bulk data processing service providers to ensure clean and accurate information:

Determine the right technologies

Technology intervention is an important factor in ensuring accurate and complete data management. The Data processing service provider will shortlist the most popular and proven technologies and tools that cater to different industries. They will do a trial-run of different tools and decide upon the right one or multiple tools based on their clientele and the domains they cater to. Once the right technology is chosen, they have to recruit qualified and experienced resources and train them on the chosen technology.


Engage domain experts

Domain experts are people who are well-versed with the industry for which data processing is done. Every industry and domain will have a different set of data guideline and quality requirements. The outsourcing company should decide upon the domains they would cater to and recruit experts for each domain. They will make sure that data conforms to the quality standards for every domain and industry.


Set data guidelines and follow them

If you are dealing with data, you need a set of quality policy and guidelines that the employees can follow to minimize errors and mistakes. Data Capture and processing service providers will first set the quality guidelines for every domain and train the resources to follow them strictly. This assures the best data quality and accuracy. The tools also help to ensure data quality.


Conduct quality audits

Setting the rules and guidelines alone is not enough to ensure data quality. The processes should be periodically and randomly checked to ensure that the set guidelines are strictly followed. Internal and external audits, including third-party audits are necessary for ensuring quality. They help to identify the shortfalls, if any. Expert auditors may be able to suggest better methods to follow for better process efficiency and data quality.


Take client feedback

The best person who can tell you whether your work is good or not is your customer. It is important to take feedback from your clients, especially when you are in the outsourcing industry. Competent BPO Data Entry outsourcing services providers will always have feedback forms ready which they request every client to fill up and return which they use to evaluate their performance on each project. They may do it periodically for long-term clients to keep track of their own performance.

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