How do you ensure accuracy and security when outsourcing Data Entry Services?

August 02, 2023
An error-free, accurate data is something that helps to foster the growth of a Company. But as this process is time-consuming and labour some, it is better to find a company that can provide your data accuracy and security. Here are some factors that provide security and accuracy to the data. So just run through them and find a suitable data entry services provider for your business.  
  • Authentic Data Sources

It is very important that the sources from which the data is extracted must be authentic. If you are not collecting data from the right sources, it will result in inaccuracy. Merging data from one database to another and the presence of outdated data are some of the prime reasons that create a bad data pool. So, whatever the issues, data service providers must take note of them and rectify them at the initial stage itself.  
  • Capability to deal with Emergency

This is another important factor that you much check before you choose an outsourcing company. Companies are emerging day after day and every company needs to strive hard to work with their competitors. Data is valuable when it is available at the right time with accuracy. And sometimes there may be emergency situations in a business organization that needs urgent data processing. So when you hire an outsourcing company make sure they can handle any kind of unexpected situation.  
  • Non-Standardized Data Handling Methods

The implementation of non-standardized practices in handling data is another reason for poor data. For example, there are two different ways in which a number can be represented. That is either it can be represented in words or as figures. But if employees in a company use both these ways it will generate non-uniform data. So, this is another potential error that leads to inaccuracy of data.  
  • Availability of Complete Data

Another factor that leads to inaccurate data is the non-availability of sufficient data. That is. if the data management system does not have enough data it will lead to assumptions and guesses that are sometimes completely irrelevant. So, data entry service providers, must make sure that there is complete data in the system and thus they can avoid gaps in the output data.  
  • Training Team

There are a lot of things that a Training team can contribute to the growth of a business entity. If the data is handled with outdated methods and tools definitely it will result in inaccurate data. So, If the in-house employees get the proper training from the Training Team about the latest technologies, methods, software, tools, techniques etc they can produce data with a high degree of accuracy. Thus, before you hire an outsourcing company make sure they have a training team in their organization.  
  • Latest Technologies/Techniques

Infusing robust technologies and tools will play a key role in the data output. Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition are some of the latest technologies that can used to generate accurate data. So, when you partner with an outsourcing company make sure that, they have access to all kinds of new technologies and tools.  
  • Pleasant Work Environment

A pleasant and healthy work environment always helps employees to work in a productive way. That means if data entry professionals get a good work environment there are only fewer chances to make errors and therefore it will result in accurate data. So, when you hire a data entry service provider make sure their employees are working in a friendly and collaborative work environment.
  • Assign Permissions

Decide who can make the editing/changes in the data and assign permissions to only those persons. The advantage of this method is that, it will avoid errors due to multiple edits and will also provide protection to your data. So, always ensure that the outsourcing company you hire follows this method.        
  • Generate Error Reports

Error reporting refers to the identification and reporting of issues/errors that find during data handling. Creating error reports is a method that is followed by many of the top companies today. The big benefit of generating such reports is that, it will help to avoid the same error when you handle the same data for a new project. So data service providers can work better if they follow the practice of generating error reports.  
  • Internal Quality Team

The internal quality team is present in almost all leading BPO companies in the world. This team has a significant role to play in business entities that are trying to produce accurate data. These teams apart from monitoring the work done by the delivery team, also give their focus on implementing the latest technologies. So, it is better if you can hire a data entry service provider that maintains this team in the company.  

Wrapping Up

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