How to Conquer the Biggest Challenges in Survey Processing?

July 18, 2019

A survey is a feedback tool used to collect information about the products and services offered by the organization. This helps the organization to find its strengths and weaknesses and improve on it and at the same time better its services and infrastructure. The survey results are analyzed by a team of professionals to study the impact of strategies implemented on the customers. cThough a lot of tools are available online to conduct surveys and then analyze it they are optimal to a certain level only. If an in- depth analysis is required for the market and organizational needs the tools are not sufficient enough. Outsourcing the survey processing works is an effective way to stay in top position. Thereby fulfilling both customer and organizational requirements. The biggest challenge here is the constantly changing requirements and market scenario. The service provider usually follows the process as mentioned below:

Survey Scan and Design

Professionals need to analyze the business operations and their target audience basis which they design a suitable survey or questionnaire that brings in long term profits for the organization. The surveys completed in paper form needs to be scanned and converted into different formats. Service providers normally an expert in optical character recognition and Intelligent character recognition can do the conversion quickly. Once full access is available these tools help in reducing the time.

Survey Data Entry

The next process is to enter the scanned data into databases or excel sheets. The data entry specialist collects relevant information from the survey forms. The data is entered in a suitable digital format like MS Word, Excel, MySQL, etc. This will help in better analysis of the data. Accordingly, extraction can be done easily.

Data analysis and Presentation

Depending on the type of project the analysis is done such as cross table analysis or sampling and, in some cases, a query is used to mine data. This is then presented in graphical or tabular form. So, survey process outsourcing is tailored according to customer requirement and is done from inception to delivery. So extensive reporting and statistics are presented based both on qualitative and quantitative research.


Document Management

Survey processing services normally include Product survey, market survey, health care survey, demographic survey, etc. where apart from accessing records and analyzing them. The service providers also restructure and audit the data and compare it with existing records and maintain the database which is the most important way to keep a check on the market changes.


Another challenge is the customization work and it plays an important role in case of employee survey processing. The survey must be tailored to current organizational needs and use relevant questions to collect accurate feedback from the employees. They should feel the questions address issues that are important for them and will affect the organization’s performance too. The service provider should work with the organization to understand key issues and frames the questionnaire accordingly. Post discussion the final version should be submitted for approval.

By outsourcing the survey processing projects an organization can save time and efforts which can be used in business operations and help in the company’s growth.

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