June 15, 2014

7. Effective ways for making best GUI for an application

Have you noticed something whenever you start using an application then what’s the first thing that makes you to have easy usability? Yes you are right it’s GUI. Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes interaction very easy and friendly too. While creating an application few points should be kept in mind to get more interactive GUI. 1.Analysis : Before starting to work on GUI part of application complete analysis is must. Need to know few things about application like it’s related to what? Its computer based, handheld devices based, stand-alone application, e-commerce application, internet application or anything else. Then examine its related to which field it can be study, entertainment, sports, business etc. Have a look at every important view before starting work on this. 2. Choosing symbols for GUI : The choice of symbols for GUI should be made very wisely. It should be purpose oriented in look. The design discipline means usability should be tailored to task. 3. Placement of GUI icons : After choosing symbols for GUI placement of icons should be considered. At first a complete layout should be prepared. Then priority should be set for every GUI icon as of application functionality and ease of use. Accordingly a proper placement should be done. For e.g.  Post icon should be placed after a text box so that once the user is done with writing text he/she can post that. 4. Alignment of GUI : Proper gap should be made between the GUI icons. While doing that a definite and proper spacing should be maintained throughout the application. It will beautify your application presentation & will look neat even easy to get every application functionality. 5.Accessibility of GUI: Most important point to keep in mind while designing GUI is accessibility. It should be easily accessible. The placement of icons should be such that users can access without any difficulty. As mostly users are right handy so the most frequently used GUI should be placed on right hand side. 6.Size of GUI : GUI’S size matters a lot. The right size and format should be set. Taking an example search box, contact box should be long enough that queries can be easily set and seen up to a specified length. Symmetry of icon should be maintained throughout the application. For every icon it matters that it should not be too large that it’s taking too much space and not too small that it’s hard to find it. The standard icon size differs from 16*16 to 1024*1024 for different OS used. So keep in mind you are developing for which OS according to that set the size. 7. Highlighting the GUI : The current positioning GUI must be highlighted. For highlighting purpose proper display resolution and color should be set so that current pointing icon should be easily distinguished. Visual composition and application functionality is an important part of GUI which must be maintained. By following above all metrics one can easily enhance the efficiency and ease of use. Always remember GUI is tailored for users ease only.

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